Monday, February 16, 2009

The Pursuit of Awesome

So I thought I'd give this Blog deal a shot, I'm opinionated enough, my interests are varied enough, and I spend enough time on the interwebs anyways. Neal Shah, 19, I bleed Maize and Blue and Ford Blue Oval Blue (Pantone 294C to be exact), I like to think of myself as Detroit Born and Raised, just a simple Midwestern Motor City boy, but in all honesty, my background, is 2.5 Generation Indian-American (although I don't realize I'm Indian till I look in the mirror, (identity crisis much? maybe, or maybe I just identify with being "American" the great thing about this country, identification isn't limited by ethnicity). Born in Ann Arbor, spending various amounts of time growing up in middle-class suburban Ann Arbor/Detroit, whatever you prefer to call it, I grew up closer to Ann Arbor than Detroit, spending various stints of time in Bloomington, Indiana, and Hiroshima, Japan, moving every two to four years growing up. I consider myself fairly well travelled, fairly well cultured, and I like to class it up. However, when it comes down to it, I enjoy the down to earth Blue-Collar sensibility that Detroit has, its definitely what I think I'm going to end up calling home.
I like music, all sorts of it, old school hip hop, underground hip hop, trance,house, jazz, classic rock, rock,punk, post-punk, classical, I like to think I have a refined taste for these sorts of things.
I like beverages.
I like muscle cars, good books, I hate ricers, I like Music, stuff, stick shifts, el caminos, rancheros, ford, the blue oval, the american auto indsutry, the global auto industry, carburetors, clutches, big blocks, small blocks, crank shafts, cross-plane v8's, flat plane v8s, rotaries, con-rods, push rods, overhead cams, internal combustion engines, tech, girls who dig cars, girls who drive stick, international politics, global affairs, being educated, being aware, being non-PC, knowing shit, diversity, flat sixes, straight sixes, turbo chargers, superchargers, direct injection, trans-ams, Calvinball, things that are beautifully engineered, things that are over engineered, things that well engineered, clever solutions, things that are BAMF, things that are beautifully complicated, complication for complications sake, things that are bat shit insane.
I like good beer, Ford's, Alfa's, Lancia's, Rover's, Morgan's, TVR's, Vette's, Chevy's, Mustang's, Pony Cars, Shelby's, GT Cars, Sports Cars, Real SUV's, Jaguar's, Old-School Bentley's, Land Rovers, Citroen SM's, Citroen DS's. I like Talbot-Lago's, I like Group B Rally Cars, I like Audi's, I like proper Merc's, and proper BMW's, I'm a bit of an anglophile, I like Top Gear, I think James May is brilliant, I like Old Pick-ups, I like proper off roaders, I like Jeeps. I like Old cars, new cars, super cars, British Cars, French Cars, American Cars, Old-School German cars, crazy off the wall Japanese cars, Italian cars, Swedish cars. I like rally, F1, LeMans, auto-cross, etc etc etc... I like SVT, CDW-27, and thinking about cars, thinking about my cars. I like burning time on craigslist looking at projects and thinking about how I'd do them out. My school books are full of car doodles still, and that should explain alot about me. I prefer my cars with three pedals.

This blog is going to be about whatever I damn please, but mostly, its probably going to end up being about cars, secondly, its going to be me ranting. It'll be enjoyable, I promise, I'm good at ranting.

I'd like to leave you with one of my favourite pieces of writing, something I read often.
Davey G's first Fast As A Shark column over at Jalopnik, its what I stole the title of this Blog from, and it is truly and inspiring piece of writing.

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