Monday, February 23, 2009

Australia Embodies Awesome. Cars so masculine they have to shave the front bumper every morning..

Australia gave us Mad Max, which is a trilogy of awesome put to celluloid.
Australia also gets to run around in full size V8 Falcons, and Turbocharged Six powered Falcons, total sleepers, and legit BMW 5-series beating performance cars.

Check out
Check out
Check out

The next step is to change your pants after sufficiently making a mess in them.
Then look up tickets to Australia. Thats what I did. Why the eff can't we get this shit here, I mean like come on, this is the last pure iteration of the CLASSIC AMERICAN FULL SIZE SEDAN, and it is totally, and completely modern. We got the G8 and then asshats went and killed it but come on ford you can get us the Falcon, can't you, can't you, can't you? Please? I would do unmentionable things if it just meant that they'd bring the Falcon over here. Thats a promise. Alan, call me.

Check out this total sleeper F6 E concept over at World Car Fans. I want it, though of course I'd prefer the six speed manual.

Falcon FPV commercial

Ford v. Holden (just like Ford v. Chevy State Side) this is from Top Gear Australia, its not as good as Top Gear, but whatever, its all I can find.

The Hotted Up versions, also from Top Gear Australia.

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