Monday, March 2, 2009

Lost NFL Boaters: Who Gives a Damn?

It's at times like this that the media really starts to piss me off.
In case you didn't know, a few days ago a couple NFL players (Corey Smith, a FA, and Marquis Cooper, Raiders CB) and a couple former college football players from South Florida went missing in the Gulf Coast of Mexico. They were on some annual fishing trip and were on a 21-foot boat.
ESPN (and many other media powerhouses) have jumped on this story concerning 1. a FA who played for the LIONS for 3 years, 2. a Raiders player (Oakland sucks for you non-football buffs), and 3. a couple former college players who didn't make it to the big show. They (the media) have speculated for countless hours about this pathetic, useless story. Here's how I see it: if they come back, they come back; if they don't, they don't. Giving the viewers an update every 10 minutes won't change a damn thing that is going on with these clowns who decided to get on a raft in "raging weather conditions" and go fishing.
What gets to me the most is the fact that America has succumbed so much to the media that we rely on them for every little thing that arises as a "big news story." (and who really gets to decide that? the media...)
I'm not saying the media is bad for everything. There are, in fact, some very useful pieces of information that we can only find via the media (that rhymed). However, in this case, ignorant fans all around the country are glued to their TV sets and websites actually caring about these damned football players who, I'm sorry to say, don't mean shit to their respective teams.
Anyways, your average American on the street has probably done more for our society than these guys.
This is about how much ESPN ACTUALLY KNOWS about the lost NFL fishers:

The bottom line to this story (you don't need the media to give you every little word in the reports, which so far have given us next to nothing as it is):

Optimistically- They're fine, sippin pina coladas with Elvis and Tupac in the Bahamas and they haven't seen the news (haha)

Realistically: they're dead, drowned. One of the (USF) guys was hanging onto the flipped over boat? Yeah they're gone for good.

Our thoughts and prayers are with their families.


  1. ahha i heard about this in the morning.
    i changed the radio station.

  2. That's cold Neal.
    Even though they weren't superstars doesn't mean they don't deserve media covereage. And plus, the only other news on the news these days is the economy. Missing boaters? It's a nice break.

  3. I didn't write this a buddy of mine did, I think it deserves media coverage, but not constant up dates, they're definitely worthy of attention, not excessive attention, i feel excessive attention either sensationalizes or trivializes a story.

  4. Yeah Kenny, I posted that. I was a little harsh I guess but it's sickening and relatively useless news. Honestly, they aren't any more important than your average citizen and I hate that when the media jumps on the story, then the American people follow along.
    Yeah, my thoughts and prayers go out to anybody who is suffering, but in this case, they are grown men who made a terrible decision to embark on this fishing trip in the first place.


    According to the article, they detached themselves from their life jackets and tried to battle nature herself.